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BUFC is a not-for-profit organization 501c3 designation under the IRS Not-For Profit structure. BUFC will look to develop kids that are committed to soccer, giving them the necessary tools to achieve their ultimate goal. We will focus not only in games, tournaments, regionals, state and national competition, but most important on the development of each individual, always trying to get them to the highest level.

BUFC was founded in 2015 By Professional soccer player Adauto Neto and Professional coach Sergio Moura Duarte from Brazil. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, with 220 countries affiliated with FIFA. This reality is not different in USA with almost 30 million children playing this beautiful game. Through our experience and knowledge of soccer, BUFC will provide the appropriate training to ensure that our participants will be able to compete at the same level as any other state or abroad. With a modern methodology and new environment we will modify the entire view of player’s development. Our method of training is based on a scientific approach of sport science and physiologic principles. We will educate and develop our players by applying the right combination of methods appropriate to each age group, respecting all the scientific principles such as: individuality, body composition, overload, specificity of the modality and relation between intensity and volume of training to provide the full understanding of all the aspects of the soccer game. The respect of those principles will be the key to our program, also the excitement of our classroom program teaching them the theory of soccer history and all the subjects including tactics with unique technology brought from Brazil. BUFC will be active all year around to support the families and ensure the quality of player’s development. Also special training will be provided by the club as part of the program such as: skills night, futsal, sand soccer, futvoley, functional training specific for soccer, agility and coordination training, strength and power program. All our players will be part of our new physical assessment program to be held at our soccer fields. Feedback will be used to establish a player profile and training session plans. The seminars are another valuable tool to provide our coaches knowledge and make sure they will increase the experience and expertise of the soccer game. All training sessions will be documented and managed through excel spread sheets to track the performance of the players and the teams. The club will encourage players to go beyond the common goal of high School and college soccer. We will do our best to help the kids get to the highest level considering their ability. We will be taking teams to Brazil and Hopefully Europe in the future.