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It is the goal of this program to facilitate the development of each player while ensuring the successful attainment of or his/her full potential. Each player receives professional instruction in individual skills as well as team tactics. Instruction focuses on correct and proper technique while presented in a motivational and organized manner. Positive reinforcement of performance on and off the field dominates the overall approach to the game. Moreover, the coaching staff promotes the important sporting attributes of sportsmanship, fair play, teamwork, and personal/team pride. Commitment and dedication from the parents, players and coaching staff are required to establish a top quality program.

Individual Player Goals

  1. Our goal for individual players is to teach them the skills, techniques and game tactics necessary to compete at the top level of soccer.
  2. Devote each session and training opportunity to challenging the individual level of play for each player.
  3. Provide the opportunity for each player to find the true meaning of hard work, dedication, camaraderie and teamwork. These are the characteristics that make champions on and off the field in every avenue of life.
  4. Build life-long friendships.
  5. Create an opportunity, for those interested, to obtain college athletic scholarships, make State Teams, Regional Teams as well as United States National Teams.

Team Goals / Guidelines

  1. Compete at the very highest level of soccer each and every session. Day in and day out, the team must always be challenged. Playing against similar or BETTER competition only raises their level of play both short term and long term. Please note, winning every game is not necessarily the ultimate goal and does not mean we are not finding success. Success is found in defeats as well as victories.
  2. Successfully compete in the state tournament. (Moving on to Regionals and Nationals)
  3. Enter and be competitive in the top regional tournaments.
  4. Attend “Showcase” tournaments for the older players trying to enter collegiate soccer.
  5. Have fun and enjoy the game in a highly competitive environment.
  6. Playing time is based on ability.
  7. Proper attitude and the ability to follow coach directions are imperative.

Player Responsibilities

  1. Be on time!
  2. At every soccer outing (practice, game, out back at your house…) always, always, always, give it your best effort. You never lose when you put forth your honest, best effort.
  3. Be a team player by accepting your role on the team. Teams are made up of individuals working TOGETHER. One player, regardless of skill or talent, is never larger than the TEAM. Your role, however small or big, is vital to the endeavors of the team.
  4. Be passionate about the game.
  5. Approach school and the classroom with the same rigor and determination as on the soccer field. Good grades and good soccer skills is a formula for success.
  6. Come to practice and games with shin guards, appropriate footwear that includes running shoes, outdoor soccer shoes and indoor soccer shoes, appropriate soccer attire.
  7. Help at practice and games by picking up cones, pennies, and following directions.
  8. Be a good listener and stay focused. Do not distract others and the coach.
  9. Take care of restroom issues before practice.
  10. Only team members are to be on the team side during games and practices.
  11. Attend all soccer related events.

Parent Responsibilities

  1. Support the entire program.
  2. See to it your child attends all soccer function.
  3. Make payments for dues, uniforms, tournaments and other items on time and in the correct amounts.
  4. Be positive at all times. Do not allow any child to hear something negative about a player, the team or a coach. Children do not fully understand the nuances of language and negative statements can have drastic, long-term negative effects.
  5. Be a part of the whole; lend a helping hand when you can.
  6. Spend time with your child outside of soccer practice or games doing soccer related activities such as watching a professional or college soccer game.
  7. Be punctual dropping off and picking up your child from practice.
  8. Trust and support the coach at all times. Although you are the parent, you are not the coach. Again, this goes hand in hand with supporting the entire program and doing what is best for the team.
  9. If you would like to discuss any issue concerning your child you will need to contact the coach via email.   Do not approach the coach at a practice or a game, as this is not the appropriate location for such discussions. The coach will respond to you as soon as possible.
  10. Communicate with the team and coach, in advance, if your child will not be attending any function.
  11. Have no communication with the Referee during or after a game. The coach should be conducting all such communication.

Coaches Responsibilities

  1. Provide professional, correct instruction to all players in a motivational fashion.
  2. Attend all functions on time and always be prepared.
  3. Teach the game, focus on skill development and encourage creativity.
  4. Be passionate about the game and share that enthusiasm during each soccer function.
  5. Help the children develop a “love” of the game.
  6. Have fun and enjoy the experience.
  7. Have expectations of the players and do not settle, or let the players settle for less. If they are not performing at the level of expectation, the coach must address this in a supportive, positive way.
  8. Have short and long-range goals for the team and each player as well as plans to obtain those goals.
  9. Hold true to your convictions and be upfront with parents.
  10. Make decisions based on the benefit of the entire program.
  11. Pursue your own knowledge and skill base as a coach.
  12. Be a positive role model for each and every player and make sure each player knows how much you care.
  13. Post a schedule and stick to the posted times.
  14. Clearly and accurately communicate with the parents in regards to all soccer functions.
  15. Provide advanced notice of any dates you will not be available and therefore will not be attending.
  16. Practices will start and end at posted times.