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After spending several years in the youth academy system in Brazil, American college and a successful professional career, our President Adauto Neto had a vision of a youth soccer club in the United States that would live and breathe the “Beautiful Game” birthed in Brazil.


Coach Neto quickly learned that being a great soccer player alone doesn’t manifest a great coach. In 2015, he joined forces with his Brazilian trainer, philosopher, mentor and friend, Sergio Moura, to establish the creative, possession-based and technical philosophy by which our BRAUSA players are molded. The focus has remained the same, quality vs. quantity, training vs. trophies, and defining success as working hard to refine our players skills, abilities & team development.


BRAUSA houses comprised of a respected 2014 - 2003 Boys program and a thriving 2010 - 2008 Girls program. Our teams are coached and trained by professional players along with licensed coaches.  Each team is supported by a well rounded team structure consisting of a team manager, trainer, head coach, and assistant coach.​



Mission & Vision 

BRAUSA will teach our youth players both technical and tactical Brazilian style of play, in a safe and constructive environment while participating at the highest level of national and international youth competition. BRAUSA will also help to develop and prepare the players to be successful members of their community by achieving the highest goal as a high school, college, and hopefully professional athlete.


BRAUSA Philosophy

BRAUSA strives to develop a competitive youth soccer club whose goals are to achieve state, regional, and national soccer championship titles. We will continue to provide our players with the platform to be recognized as elite players, offered unique international soccer experiences, college recruitment & scholarship opportunities, and pave the way to professional play.

To achieve these goals it is necessary that a club must have a healthy and appropriate environment, with professional trainers, committed staff, uplifting parents, and players that are respectful and willing to always put their best foot forward!

We will always work hard to help all the kids reach their full potential not only as soccer players but also as human beings while cultivating their confidence through positive & constructive teaching.


  Team Structure 


 Team Manager


 Team Trainer


Head Coach


Assistant Coach

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