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BRAUSA teaches our youth players both technical and tactical Brazilian style of play, in a safe and constructive environment while participating at the highest level of national and international youth competition.


• Professional & year-round training
• Diverse community
• High level competition


BRAUSA enseña a nuestros jugadores juveniles tanto técnicos como tácticos al estilo de juego brasileño, en un ambiente seguro y constructivo mientras participan al más alto nivel de competición juvenil nacional e internacional.


• Entrenamiento profesional y todo el año
• Comunidad diversa
• Competencia de alto nivel

"Our athletes are trained to be extremely competitive, able to establish the rhythm at any game, but also able to play reactively, which the art of the counterattack.  The ability the alternate and adapt to all game styles is fundamental at BRAUSA. Our training is designed to help our athletes defend in way that decrease the playing space of our opponents, master the art of ball possession and be conscious about managing time and space during the game. BRAUSA has a full understand of the fact that soccer today is about time, space, and precision."


                                                                      Sergio Moura

                                                                      BRAUSA Co-Founder, Vice-President and Director of Coaching

                                                                      Baltimore Blast Performance Coach 


The Art of Ball Possession


“ Ball possession is one of the most important statistics in a soccer game. According to a 2020 study conducted over 625 UEFA Champions League matches, teams with more ball possession won 49.2%, drew 22.0%, and lost 28.7% of the matches overall, exceeding the winning rates of their rivals. This effect was even greater when the gap of ball possession percentage between two teams in a match was higher.”



Since the time BRAUSA was established, our teams have been known for their mastery of ball possession. Considering the fact that over 90% of a soccer match is played without the ball, BRAUSA has established ball possession is a fundamental skill for our players. The 3 to 4 minutes each one of our players has the ball reflect our training and philosophy. Ball possession dictates how our athletes will manage his/her energy consumption, create intelligent plays by distracting and eluding the opponents until we have the right opportunity to penetrate their defense and score.


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Thank you for considering BRAUSA as a new home for our player! 

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