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BRAUSA Practice Experience Tryouts is a Win-Win

Since the introduction of our BRAUSA Experience Tryouts last year, the club has received a tremendous amount of positive feedback. The truth is, BRAUSA was established through a Brazilian soccer phylosophy and in Brazil tryouts happen at every practice. BRAUSA do not believe in only recruiting through tryouts, but we are an American-Brazilian club and found a way to balance both cultures. The greatest soccer players were not discovered at a tryout.

Practice Experience Tryouts is the early chance to get into BRAUSA. Final decisions are made by our coaches and offers are made at these early tryouts. Practice Experience Tryouts are the early sessions of our Club Wide Tryouts expansion, which in 2023 will be on May 12th for the Girls and May 12th for the Boys.

What are the Practice Experience Tryouts details?

• Flexible official tryouts conducted during standard and live practice. It’s a win-win situation for parents, players and BRAUSA. It allows the parents and players to experience a regular practice, feel the BRAUSA Family atmosphere and pick the brains of BRAUSA parents, players and coaches. Coaches get to observe the prospect players’ ability to

adjust to our training philosophy and assess his/her skills level.

What is the difference between Practice Experience Tryouts and Club Wide


• The only difference is the fact that existing BRAUSA players only tryout at the Club Wide Tryouts. The Practice Experience Tryouts are early sessions for new players to be seen and be selected before the Club Wide Tryouts.

Will player be offered a spot at BRAUSA during the Practice Experience Tryouts?

• Absolutely! Practice Experience Tryouts are early tryout sessions.

Will the players trying out at Practice Experience be required to attend Club Wide Tryouts?

• Yes. Players who attend a Practice Experience Tryout are still required to attend the Club Wide Tryout, so the coaches can have a better feel

for the future team. Exceptions will be made to players who are offered a spot during a Practice Experience Tryout.

Are players still required to register online?

• Yes. All players must register through:

What do players need to bring to tryouts?

• Plain white/navy shirt, shinguards, soccer shoes and water.

We hope the BRAUSA Family will be a great fit most players coming to our practices.

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