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Maryland State Cup Champions - BRAUSA 2002 Blue

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

In the first 3 years of existence of our club, our BRAUSA 2002 Blue team earned the spot into the finals of the Maryland State Cup two years in the row. Our U16 Boys only needed a second trip to win their 1st State Cup Championship Title, with a convincing 3-1 win over a very strong F.C. Frederic squad.  Under pouring rain and unfavorable field conditions, these boys left their all out on the turf, in front of several passionate supporters.  This group of boys model what BRAUSA is all about. After learning from their experience last year, they went back to work with focus, perseverance and much love for the game of futebol as we know it.

Congratulations to Coach Neto, Coach Sergio, and Coach Geoff on a Job Well Done with our 2002 BRAUSA Blue team. Your leadership has been key to this team’s success.  Special Thanks to Tammy for managing the heavy season schedule and team business and a great group of supportive parents.  Special Congratulations to the 2002 Blue players for this great achievement. You have set the bar high and inspired our BRAUSA players to keep our tradition of success.

As we step back into our regular lives today, we will think about you and how your hard work, training under high heat and frigid conditions, took BRAUSA and all its supporters to new heights.  Watching Neto cry while trying to deliver his speech last night, explains where some of the passion of this team is rooted.

                                                                Dedication • Passion • Heart 

                                                                      The Beautiful Game

                                                    Congratulations 2002 BRAUSA Blue Team!!

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