BRAUSA teaches our youth players both technical and tactical Brazilian style of play, in a safe and constructive environment while participating at the highest level of national and international youth competition.

BRAUSA enseña a nuestros jugadores juveniles tanto técnicos como tácticos al estilo de juego brasileño, en un ambiente seguro y constructivo mientras participan al más alto nivel de competición juvenil nacional e internacional.

• Professional & year-round training

• Diverse community

• High level competition

• Entrenamiento profesional y todo el año

• Comunidad diversa

• Competencia de alto nivel





Now offering invitations to practices. 


Email us below for additional information and schedules.



Days:               Please register online and give us a call at (850) 221-6067 for your tryout schedule


* Please send us a message after your registration in completed using the contact box below,  so we can expedite the process. 


Thank you for considering BRAUSA as a new home for our player!